The Story So Far

When we started GO, we were a couple of young men trying to save the world. We might have made some mistakes, but we had the best of intentions

Michael O’Loughlin, April 2014.

The GO Foundation burst into life in 2009 in the NSW town of Dareton. With a population of approximately 600, around a third of whom are of Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander heritage, Dareton became the focus of GO’s initial foray into community work.

During the following three years, the Foundation participated in various community programmes, ranging from presentations on healthy lifestyle to vocational training for Indigenous students.

Our ongoing involvement with the Dareton community saw numerous achievements, including the donation of sports uniforms and equipment to local schools, as well as $20,000 worth of playground equipment and fencing for the local community centre.

To become involved in a regional Indigenous community taught us a great deal about what a difference the GO Foundation can make in the lives of our people, and how we can best achieve positive change.

In 2012, the Foundation refined its focus to an area in which lasting results could be achieved – education. Both Michael and Adam firmly believe that education of Indigenous girls and boys is at the heart of GO’s mission.

The GO Foundation established its current Board in 2013, and worked towards establishing the platform for providing scholarships for Indigenous students for years 9 to 12.

To that end, GO formed a partnership with the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF), Australia’s leading Indigenous education administrator. AIEF also incorporates a mentoring and career pathway function, which introduces students to job and career opportunities following their education.

Additionally, the GO Foundation enhanced its association with the Sydney Swans – a natural fit given the relationship of the club with Adam and Michael. The Sydney Swans provide administrative support for the GO Foundation, with the two brands having a greater community and partnership reach as a result of this association.